Request the 352walls walk. This is a free, one-hour walking tour, for individuals and groups. Join us as to explore and learn about the downtown murals at your own pace.  A VIP Bus Tours is available for groups of 12 or more people. The VIP Tour charge includes lunch at your preferred destination and air conditioned transport to other murals. This tour starts at the Santa Fe College, North Campus.  All tours are available only by appointment, weather permitting. For more information or to send your request please contact Raquel Vallejo: , 352walls Coordinator.

Dial and enter the stop number, followed by the # sign.
Let this tour be your guide to the “Walls Walk.” The 352walls/Gainesville Urban Art Initiative continues to engage the public, beautify the streetscape, stimulate urban revitalization, and boost community pride.

250 PASTEL | The Top | 30 N Main St
Francisco Diaz, known as Pastel, studied architecture in Buenos Aires before becoming a mural artist in 2009. He likes to refer to street art as “urban acupuncture.” For this wall, Pastel was inspired by a selection of native plants he picked from the surrounding area.

251 AXEL VOID | The Bull | 18 SW 1st Ave
Alejandro Dorda Mevs, known as Axel Void, has been a multinational graffiti artist and a classical-style muralist since 1999. This somber urban landscape, considered by his followers as one of Axel’s finest murals, was created from a photograph he took from the 5th floor of the City garage.

252 JAZ | Former Rice Hardware Store | 15 SW 1st Ave
Franco Fasoli, known as JAZ, is from Argentina and was one of the first graffiti artists to work in Latin America during the period when political graffiti dominated the urban landscape. Most of his large-scale, figurative murals feature hybrid creatures that explore human identity characterized by conflict and duality.

253 Carrie Wachter-Martinez, Jesus Martinez and Tim Malles | High Dive | 210 SW 2nd Ave
This mural, titled The Center of it All, is a collaboration between three talented Gainesville artists, Carrie and Jesus Martinez, a creative husband and wife team, who are self-taught artists and entrepreneurs, and Tim Malles, who enjoys painting landscapes and has a passion for astronomy. This mural portrays a goddess applying her creative powers to transform galactic energies.

254 Evoca1 | Downtown Parking Garage | 105 SW 3rd St
Born Elio Mercado in the Dominican Republic, Evoca1 is a self-taught figurative painter and social activist who spent most of his childhood painting neighborhood walls and playing baseball. This romantic wall, titled Innocence, depicts two young, trusting friends, tenderly releasing a captive dove.

255 Add Fuel | Downtown Parking Garage | 105 SW 3rd St + Other Locations
World-renowned Portuguese artist Diogo Machado, known as Add Fuel, is a master of modern graphic design. Using laser-cut stencils and numerous coats of spray paint, he combines fictional characters and decorative elements to form one intricate, tile-like image. One wall on the rear of the parking garage and seven GRU boxes throughout the downtown area feature his Electric Animals. A closer look will reveal armadillos, alligators, turtles, dolphins, conch shells, parrots and more!

256 GAIA | Downtown Parking Garage | 105 SW 3rd St
Andrew Pisacane, better known as Gaia, is a history enthusiast who lives and works in Baltimore, MD, but spends a majority of his time traveling and painting murals across the world. In this mural, What Are the Aesthetics of Reinvestment, he comments on the impact of urban trends on gentrification. The mural features late urban activist Jane Jacobs, the Porters historic district, the historic Union Academy and its last principal and legendary Gainesville educator, A. Quinn Jones.

257 2501 | :08 Seconds Building | 201 W University Ave
2501 is a self-taught Italian street artist who has a highly cultivated outlook and understanding of our modern world. Born Jacopo Ceccarelli, 2501 studied cinematography before moving to Brazil where he began creating murals, sculptures, video, and motion graphics. His visually stunning works are characterized by line art and monochromatic color schemes that emphasize his technique. This mural represents frames of a film in an architectural animation that talks about movement and evolution, representative of the rising and setting of the sun and the moon.

258 L.E.O. | Loosey’s | 120 SW 1st Ave
L.E.O. was born Reginald O’Neal and raised in Overtown, Miami, home to many African-American street artists. He dedicated this mural to sixteen-year-old Richard Hall, an aspiring high school football player and cousin of former UF quarterback Treon Harris. Hall’s life was cut short when he was killed by a stray bullet in Miami in 2014.

259 Elbow Toe | Market Street Pub | 112 SW 1st Avenue
Brian Adam Douglas, known as Elbow Toe, is a multidisciplinary artist from New York who is best known for using wheat paste to apply his works on walls all around the world. His meticulous style, impeccable craftsmanship and intricate details are evident in his drawings, paintings, stencils and woodcuts.

260 Interesni Kazki | Market Street Pub | 112 SW 1st Ave
Interesni Kazki refers to the artistic duo from Kiev, Ukraine consisting of Aleksei Bordusov and Vladimir Manzhos. They are recognized for their imaginative paintings, the wide range of characters, elements, symbols, bright colors and smooth gradients. This whimsical mega-mural celebrates the human senses and emphasizes the importance of getting an education. This is their last wall after 20 years of working together.

261 Narrow Escape UF School of the Art + Art History | The Sun Center | 101 SE 2nd Pl
Narrow Escape is the result of a juried competition for UF art students. The winner, Rafael Moura, served as the project manager and his fellow classmates worked as a team. This mural was a unique collaboration between 352walls, University of Florida School of the Art + Art History and McGurn Properties.

262 GAINESVILLE COLLECTIVE | Make.Work | 722 S Main St
The talented regional artists that created these walls were Blake Harrison, Tiara Henderson, Jefreid Lotti, Carrie and Jesus Martinez, Turbado, Rachel Sommer, Luis Justo Rodriguez, Evan Galbicka, Clea Lauriault, and Jenna Horner. Together, they are changing our urban landscape.

263 2Alas | Héctor Framing & Gallery | 702 W University Ave
2Alas, which means “two wings,” refers to the duo of Filio Galvez and Andrew Antonaccio. The wall began as a white canvas before a computer-created image was projected onto it in the dark of night. Hundreds of black lines were traced and painted with the help of other 352walls muralists. Commissioned by the gallery’s owner, Héctor Puig, this wall was 2Alas’ last collaboration together.

264 TEACHING WALL | Leonardo’s 706 | 706 W University Ave
This wall was dedicated and established in 2016 as a blank canvas; a space where students and artists alike can learn, practice and experiment with the techniques, concepts and designs taught by professional muralists and experts in street art.

265 DAVID ZAYAS | Salon Marvin Hayes | 714 W University Ave
Puerto Rican studio artist and Professor at the University Metropolitana in San Juan, Puerto Rico, David Zayas quickly conquered the urban art world. This wall, also commissioned by Héctor Puig, has a distinct Gainesville theme!

266 DUO CUBANO | Walker Furniture | 113 NW 8th Ave
This spectacular collaboration was created by Cuban-born designer and muralist Juan Travieso, who lives in NYC, and figurative painter, Miguel Machado from Havana, Cuba. Meeting for the first time in Gainesville, they quickly became friends and artistic partners. Their futuristic digital zoo features real and imagined felines as seen on a giant computer display screen and even includes the mouse’s position indicator!

267 Elian | Haven Hospice Attic | 231 NW 10th Ave
Elian Chali is a self-taught artist and author from Argentina. His mega-murals are influenced by the local urban environment. Inspired by the concept of hospice care, this wall reflects the passage of life, from youth to death, with the oak tree set against the white wall symbolizing rebirth.